Have you ever been treated like a criminal ?  Have you ever been mad enough to boycott an airline ? Well I have... Let's imagine having a first class ticket so you can get a little rest on your flight home from work. You walk up to your seat and find the gentleman next to you has his bag under your seatback. Meanwhile his legs are stretched out comfortably. You reach down and move his bag from your space. The guy in the window seat flips out. You are tired and do not want a confrontation, just a nap. You lean back and close your eyes and listen to his rambling. He makes several telephone calls complaining of harassment and discrimination. After ten minutes of listening to his accusations the stewardess approaches you. She asks you to join her. You are escorted from the airplane. After a few minutes the supervisor joins you. She says you are being removed from the flight for harassing this gentleman. You are so upset you call a lawyer. You write a letters to the CEO of the company. You file complaints with the FAA and the Port Authority. Mostly the complaints fall on deaf ears. Your response from the airline claims you were removed from the flight for endangering the safety of passengers and crew. Yes, you heard me right. Moving a homosexual's bag from your space endangers the safety of the flight. Last time I checked it is a felony to endanger a flight. So why wasn't I arrested? Because Alaska Airlines lied about my behavior to justify their poor decisions. If you are a Christian heterosexual male you will have no rights aboard an Alaska Airlines flight. I most strongly urge you to choose a reputable airline on your next adventure.

I would like to thank everyone for your continued support. And special thanks to the individual/s that keeps stealing my signs. I am happy you like them. God Bless.


File your airline complaints with the US Department of Transportation at:



It will become a permanent record on the carriers slate and published monthly in the Air Travel Consumers Guide.


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